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Sushi Vancouver Style

Posted: 03/23/10

Sushi Vancouver Style

Restaurant: Sushi_Garden Vancouver

Nelson @ Sushi Garden: Iris took us to this popular sushi place in Vancouver across from Metrotown. The place was packed and we had to wait a little bit for seats. We ordered all sushi/sashimi and when it came I was shocked at the size of the slices. These slices were huge! It was so satisfying eating such thick and large chunks of sashimi.

We started with the Wild Salmon Sashimi and Red Tuna Sashimi. Not sure if it was because of the size or the freshness, but it tasted better than what you get in Toronto. Especially the red tuna, since the quality in Toronto, particularly at AYCE places, is usually subpar. For rolls, we ordered the BC Roll (BBQ Salmon skin) and the Chopped scallop roll. I enjoyed the chopped scallop, but both were good. Lastly, we ordered something I haven't seen or noticed on menus in Toronto - Toro Sashimi (Salmon belly). The texture was oily fatty and it really filled your mouth. It was good, but maybe because I'm not used to it, I still prefer the other cuts, even though Toro is a prized cut of tuna.

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    dre @ 2010-03-23

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