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Diana & Jason Wedding Main

Posted: 03/19/10

Diana & Jason Wedding Main

Restaurant: UBC Vancouver

Nelson @ UBC: Diana's wedding meal was buffet style on UBC campus. I tried to balance my camera, plate and serve myself at the same time, so I apologize for the quality of photos.

The buffet started with some bread and salad. There was a large selection of salads, including greek, bean, cheese and asian. After all the salad was a roasted vegetable platter. I loved roasted veggies and enjoyed this one a lot.

Up to now, you may think it's a vegetarian meal, but they had some meat selections as well. A baked salmon with a choice of different salsas was excellent. Not sure why it tasated so good, maybe because it's fresher? They also had hunks of tender beef of varying doneness. I tried to pick the rarest pieces and the ones I picked were good. So good in fact that I went back for more and made myself a beef salad. It was delicious!


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  • "The salmon was my pick, and Jason picked the beef. I wondered which ppl would like best! Glad u enjoyed them both:) I'm going to tell him the salmon won tho! ;)
    Nelson @ 2010-03-20

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