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Jiffy Pop!

Posted: 03/17/10

Jiffy Pop!

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Vincent's: Vincent was a very gracious host because not only did he let us stay at his place, he also cooked a meal for all of Kitty's cousins! He made a yummy lasagna with a salad and really good and garlicy garlic bread. Thanks!

Later, he brought out a Jiffy Pop. I've never made one before and I was entertained watching all that popping action. As you can tell, the cousins were also completely enthralled!


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  • I had to wiki to see what a Jiffy Pop was haha... I couldn't see the popcorn from your pic!
    dre @ 2010-03-17
  • When I took the picture, I wanted to capture the expression on their faces. I wasn't planning on using it here, but then when I looked back at my pictures, I didn't take one of the popcorn, so I decided to use this shot.
    Nelson @ 2010-03-17
  • I should try Jiffy Pop someday. It looks like a lot of fun! I saw it when I was little, but not in recent memory!
    grace @ 2010-03-18

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