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Old Spaghetti Whistler

Posted: 03/13/10

Old Spaghetti Whistler

Restaurant: Old_Spaghetti_Factory Whistler

Nelson @ Whistler: After an extremely fun day of ziplining, we were famished. We asked our guide where we could get a large cheap meal and he suggested the Old Spaghetti Factory.

We demolished countless loafs of bread. We just kept them coming and coming. The garlic butter kept running out and out.

As a standard meal, we had a salad. I ordered a Baked Tortellini with rainbow tortellini with a light cheese filling and your choice of sauce (meat) then baked with mozzarella cheese. I quite enjoyed this cheesy dish. Kitty ordered a pot-pourri with meat, mushroom and clam sauce. The clam sauce is not very good, so I will avoid this order in the future (and as I learned recently, always get the Mizithra cheese).

Dessert was of course ice cream. So anything different about the Old Spaghetti Factory out west? The beer selection. We also had a pitcher of Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager and Granville Island Pale Ale (not pictured).

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