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Italian in San Francisco

Posted: 03/28/10

Italian in San Francisco

Restaurant: Allegro_Romano San_Francisco

dre in Russian Hill, San Francisco, CA: We met up with some friends at this restaurant in the North End, located in the middle of a residential area, with no other restaurants in site. The interior was tiny and our group comprised of 10 people. The company we were with was great - Mike reunited with his Queens friends and I with my U of T friends. Every once in a while, we cross-contaminated. Lots of wine, hearty conversation and we were loud. Or the place was just small.

Anyway, about the food and service. The walls of the restaurant was lined with pictures of celebrities taken with the owner. Brad Pitt was just in last week. I saw a picture of Bob Saget, Conan O'Brien, the list goes on. The owner came by to our table to say hi. Then his cell phone rang and we heard him say, "Hi, Mr. Mayor." Our waters were never empty and our napkins were always replaced when dirty. We even got complimentary bruschetta!

I had the Tortellini filled with White Truffle in Basil Pesto Sauce. The dish was very yummy as I like pesto and truffles.

Mike had the Rigatoni alla Amatriciana - Rigatoni with Italian Bacon, fresh tomato and aged Pecorino Cheese Sauce. It was good from the couple of bites that I got.

For dessert, Mike ordered an apple torte, which he was disappointed that it was so pie-like. Someone else ordered tiramisu, and we also got complimentary biscotti and fruit!

Afterwards, Mike and I got our picture taken with the owner and told him that we'll send him the picture and the next time we come, we expect it to be on the wall as well! haha. Very enjoyable meal!

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  • Sounds like a good meal with excellent service!

    I've never had truffles before as they are crazy expensive, but how much truffle was in tortellini? Were you able to distinguish the truffle taste?
    Nelson @ 2010-03-30

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