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Jugo Juice

Posted: 03/07/10

Jugo Juice

Restaurant: Jugo_Juice Tim_Hortons

Nelson @ Airport: I'm starting to post the pics from my Vancouver pics last September(Yes, my backlog is long). To start things off, we had a little snack before leaving since we didn't want to eat on the plane itself.

I wanted to try a Jugo Juice as I've never had one before and we tried the Skinny Peach with peaches, raspberries, tropical nectar and cranberry juice. I really enjoyed this (better be good for 266 calories), but I think the strongest tasting component was the tropical nectar (very sugary) when it should be the peaches. It also has a surprising 6g of fiber! So it really is like eating fruit in a cup, but for $5.65 (airport prices). I find it difficult to get enough fruit while you are travelling, so this is a nice alternative.

We shared a chicken sandwich from Tim's. Not that good and I remember it being dry for some reason. It was lacking something, but not sure what.


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