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Jo & John's Wedding

Posted: 03/05/10

Jo & John's Wedding

Restaurant: Sheraton Toronto

Nelson @ Sheraton on Airport Road: Jo's wedding had some appetizers, but I missed most of them. Dinner started with Cream of Leek and Potato Soup with Stilton Cheese. There was also a salad (not pictured), but for some reason I don't have a picture! Surprising!

The main course consisted of Thyme Roasted Breate of Chicken, whiskey jus lie and wild mushroom risotto served with fresh market vegetables. Once again, the wing is in the chicken...typical. The risotto was pretty good.

The dessert was Royal chocolate tulip cup with trio of fruit sorbet (mongo [sic], strawberry and peach). I enjoyed the different coloured sorbets, especially the strawberry. The chocolate tulip was melted so that it stuck onto the plate and we all tried to scrap it off.

The cake was a simple design, but I liked it. I don't mind eating the fondant and I got a side piece and ate some of it.

The dessert table had mango pudding, fruit and cake. But the best part of the whole night were the mojitos from the open bar (not pictured)!


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  • I see "Aug 22" in the corner! Nelson, you're hitting the 7 month lag mark!!
    dre @ 2010-03-05
  • And it's going to get worse, the next set is from Vancouver and I have lot's of pics from there.
    Nelson @ 2010-03-05
  • hahah thanks for the description nels! i almost forgot what we had at the dessert table-there were egg tarts and red bean soup for the oldies too :P

    WOOT to jo-hitos! :) they were a hit..i'm glad you guys liked them!
    Jo @ 2010-03-05
  • I must have missed the egg tarts and red bean soup as I don't remember them and definitely didn't eat it :(

    Those were excellent jo-hitos! haha :)
    Nelson @ 2010-03-05
  • ah you're slipping Nelson!...how could u forget the jo-hitos?!? (they were delicous JO!) and the apps? next thing you'll be post photos of PEOPLE instead of food! gasp!.
    Kitty @ 2010-03-05

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