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Kelsey's Free Wings Promotion!

Posted: 03/18/10

Kelsey's Free Wings Promotion!

Restaurant: Brampton Kelseys

dre @ Queen and Airport: Kelsey's was promoting their wings and on January 21, 2010, they offered a free pound of wings to everyone. Mike and I decided in advance not to partake, and proceeded to cook dinner at home. After beating a hard level on Super Mario Brothers Wii, one of us started to chant in a whisper, "Chicken wings. Chicken wings. Chicken wings." and the voices didn't stop.

So we proceeded to put on our jackets and hopped into the car, thinking, if we have to wait an hour, we would leave. We left our place at 8:15pm, arrived at Kelsey's at 8:30pm, and the hostess said it would be about a 20 minute wait. We decided to stay, and in 5 minutes, we got a table. We ordered water and 1 pound of wings each - I had honey garlic and Mike had hot.

We tipped the waitress, left Kelsey's, where we saw a huge lineup, and got home around 9:15pm. Pure awesomeness.

The wings itself were tasty, but how can you go wrong with deep fried and generic sauces. They were on the small side, but we figured, many chickens were injured with the creation of "Free wing night" at Kelsey's.

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  • I'm so fat :)
    Mike @ 2010-03-18
  • I'm sad I missed out that day working late :(
    Nelson @ 2010-03-18

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