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Colborne Lane Tasting Menu

Posted: 03/06/10

Colborne Lane Tasting Menu

Restaurant: Colborne_Lane Toronto

dre @ Church and Colborne: Johnny took us out to this restaurant and I had my first tasting menu experience. I'm glad I went now and not before because if I was younger, I would not have appreciated the quality and complained about the tiny portions. As for the descriptions of the dishes, I jotted them down on my Blackberry quickly as the waiter was describing them, so I might have misheard or missed something.

Bread was served, not part of the 10-course dinner. We really liked the sticks - they were filled with air and very light.

  1. Frozen Butternut squash with sage lead mustard seed. We tried to suck the squash, but it was much tastier when we put it all into our mouths and bit into it.

  2. Flute sashimi with citrus sauce on right (orange blob) and avocado puree on left with ginger and salmon roe. I am normally not a sashimi fan, but this small piece was good.

  3. Crispy squid, mango puree, crushed caramelized peanuts, crispy leek, and pork something underneath.

  4. Aged cheddar soup. I had a sip and it was definitely too strong for me, so I gave it to Mike.

  5. Beet puree salad. This was the strangest dish. The beets were half sweet and salty, so my mind was totally confused with my taste buds. The powdery stuff is chocolate, and the fruit purees were good.

  6. Miso black cod with cucumber and tapioca. The cod was delicious. The tapioca was interesting, but tasteless.

  7. Triple seared tenderloin with fois gras sauce chocolate sauce and fruit. Definitely the best dish of all, the steak was very tender.

  8. Milk chocolate, saffron, and olives made with liquid nitrogen. I didn't like the olives, but the chocolate bits were good.

  9. Lemony sour cream made with liquid nitrogen with a cinnamon donut. The waiter made the ice cream in front of us with a bowl of liquid nitrogen and slowly pouring and stirring in the cream.

  10. Nitro bomb with baileys. You bite into this and a gush of bailey melts in your mouth. Yum!

I ended the fabulous meal with a coffee. Thanks, Johnny, for taking us there!

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  • I had a bit of trouble following the descriptions with the matching picture, but it looks awesome, how much was it?
    Nelson @ 2010-03-09
  • You have to go and see for yourself. It's pretty aweseome, and decently priced @ $110/person.
    Johnny @ 2010-03-30

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