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Chris & Anne Wedding Apps

Posted: 02/21/10

Chris & Anne Wedding Apps

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Chris & Anne's Wedding: They had their wedding at a golf course, but that didn't prevent them from serving a chinese dish.. As is tradition for Chinese people there was a roast pig. It was so tasty.

The rest are various yummy hors d'oeuvres that were served after the ceremony. There were viet(duck) cold rolls with sauce. Large chicken skewers that were really flavourful and juicy. They looked really cool too with the breading and large chunks of black pepper. The salmon on biscuit was not that good, probably because it had some dill flavour. Lastly there was some awesome mushroom bruschetta. This tasted really good with the salty cheese and textured mushrooms, my favourite of the bunch.


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  • The Viet rolls were duck. They were so yummy I remember.
    Kitty @ 2010-02-21

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