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Ben Thanh Meat Lovers

Posted: 02/27/10

Ben Thanh Meat Lovers

Restaurant: Ben_Thanh Kitchener_Waterloo

Nelson @ Ben Thanh: This time I ordered the vermicelli platter, but I couldn't decide which, so I got all the meats! This is the meat lovers platter with BBQ beef, BBQ pork and lemongrass chicken. I really enjoying making these with the rice paper and they gave generous portions. (I borrowed the meat ball from someone else).

We also got a mango salad with sliced mangos, mint leaves, on a be of mixed garden salad, topped with chicken and cashews. It was pretty good. The drink is called a Cha Cha Cocktail, layered sweet taro, black eyed beans, red beans and shredded jello with coconut milk. Pretty standard, but also good.

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