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Taste of Danforth...finally

Posted: 02/11/10

Taste of Danforth...finally

Restaurant: Toronto

Nelson @ Taste of Danforth: I finally made it out here for once in my life. This always falls on my birthday weekend, so I'm usually busy doing other stuff, but this time we were nearby and decided to drop by.

We walked by this impressive spit of quails over a mound of ashes. I thought it was an interesting display, but didn't buy any to try.

Next is a picture of some roasted pork that was advertised to be the best in town since 1991. It was really quite good and they gave plenty of pork to go along with the rice and potato pancake thing. Pork cooked till tender is a favourite of mine.

Next is a tiny slice of free pizza that was being given away. Tiny.

We also split some pork skewers (3 for $5) and they were pretty tasty. Can't go wrong with meat on a stick (unless it's a corn dog).

Lastly is a picture of some desserts, but we went hide from the rain before ordering any desserts (see next picture)


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  • I've always wanted to go! Maybe in 2010...
    dre @ 2010-02-11
  • You can take Mike for his birthday, unless he insists on Tucker's again...
    Nelson @ 2010-02-12

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