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Les 3 Brasseurs

Posted: 02/05/10

Les 3 Brasseurs

Restaurant: Les_3_Brasseurs Montreal

Nelson @ Montreal: This place just recently opened a place in Toronto, but I visited the Montreal location first. Their menu is a newspaper and since they have a local brewery, I had their beer. They have a speciality called a "flamm", which is "not a pizza-better!" I got one with bacon, onions, mushrooms and gruyere cheese. It was underwhelming as the pita was thin, the toppings sparse (especially the cheese) and was way too dry (no tomato sauce). I didn't enjoy it.

We tried a sampler of on site beers as well and it came in a nice tray.

I also got a dessert flamm, chocolate sauce and banana. I also didn't enjoy this either. Too dry and little substance.

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  • I had their beer-braised pork shank... which was pretty good. =)
    Grace Chow @ 2010-02-05

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