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BBQ with Butcher Meat

Posted: 02/01/10

BBQ with Butcher Meat

Restaurant: none

Nelson: Mike & Maggie kindly asked me to join them for a house BBQ. Mike had picked up some meat from a highly recommended local butcher. It is the beef in the front. It was cooked just right and it came out unbelievably tender. Wow, the butcher knows what he is doing. So knowing a good butcher does make a difference! We also had some salmon, sausages, garlic bread, asparagus (skewered), salad and eggplant. Maggie also made some really fresh tasting and prefectly mixed mojitos (not pictured) to complement the meal. Thanks guys!


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  • wow looks very tasty!!! how come I wasnt invite? boos.
    Kitty @ 2010-02-01

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