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Spicy Potato

Posted: 06/05/07

Spicy Potato

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ some Chinese Szechuan Restaurant: This is potato cut up and stir fried. The key to this dish is the use of the Szechuan peppercorn, which is described in wikipedia as a "fragrant, numbing, almost citrusy spice". What an accurate description! If you aren't sure whether you've had it before after reading that description, then you haven't had it.


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  • mandarin people love this dish! the mandarin people at my church always make this dish as well as the non-spicy version and i always get to try some hahah
    dre @ 2007-06-05
  • I think I liked this dish better than Mom and you. I love potatoes done spicy and chinese way!
    Grace @ 2007-06-07
  • I like this dish too! But I like it better when Mom cooks it.
    Nelson @ 2007-06-07

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