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Spin Dessert Cafe

Posted: 01/20/10

Spin Dessert Cafe

Restaurant: Spin_Dessert_Cafe Toronto

Nelson @ Spin Dessert Cafe across from Queensway Theater: I think this is a new place, because I never noticed it before. Or maybe it's because it is located at the bottom of some condos, making it hard to spot. Otherwise, the interior is quite nice and the night I was there, not as (annoyingly) busy as Demetre's.

I had an "Everything You Want" crepe which is vanilla ice-cream topped with fresh fruit. The ice cream is made on site and it is delectable. I think it was some of the best Vanilla ice cream I've ever had. I like fruit, so I ate all the fruit first before beginning on the crepe & ice cream.

My friend had some sort of chocolate brownie sundae that looked impressive. I think I will come back here sometime and try more of their desserts!

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