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Winery Bike Tour Picnic

Posted: 01/16/10

Winery Bike Tour Picnic

Restaurant: Niagara_Falls

Nelson @ Niagara: We went down to Niagara for a day of biking and wine touring. We also decided to do a picnic lunch and it turned out really well.

For the whole ride up to Niagara, my car was desperate for samosas, but unfortunately we had put them in the other car, so as soon as we met up again, we started eating the samosas. But there enough for lunch. We took a little time looking for a spot to picnic and ended up near the public library.

We also had chicken wings, great wraps (from Hannah), veggies, fruit, crackers and cheese, nachos and salsa, rice crispies and cake. It was a great picnic lunch and was part of a great day enjoying the weather, company and wine.


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