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Richard's 28  Soju shots Birthday

Posted: 01/12/10

Richard's 28 Soju shots Birthday

Restaurant: Kokuryu Toronto

Nelson @ Yonge & 401: To celebrate Richard's birthday, we went for Soju. There are deals where you get food along with the flavoured soju, so we ordered quite a few dishes (and drinks).

The first one is (spicy) noodles with dumplings. Next, from left to right, is yogurt, lemon and strawberry flavour. Yogurt is really good, while the lemon tastes a little like medicine. Some battered fried calamari, then some korean snacks of fish cakes and hot dogs. In the blurry picture, someone is cutting a korean pancake with some (free) fries in the foreground. At the very back is some hard to see (free) corn.

Next is a picture of some spicy chicken, which is really tasty and I could definitely eat in a meal portion.

Lastly are some more Soju flavours. We put Richard up to drinking his age in shots. So he drank 28 shots that night...wow!


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  • 28 shots of soju... impressive... I had 1 or 2 the other night and it was good for me haha
    dre @ 2010-01-14
  • Well, it was flavoured soju, so somewhat diluted. But still...28 shots!
    Nelson @ 2010-01-14

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