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Pickle Barrel...disappointing

Posted: 01/10/10

Pickle Barrel...disappointing

Restaurant: Pickle_Barrel Toronto

Nelson @ Yorkdale: We went here before drinking for Richard's Birthday. We shared some yam fries to start and they were decent, but for some reason got cold very quicly and then didn't taste as good.

This place isn't too pricey, but I didn't know what to order, so I got a half barbeque chicken described as P.B. special BBQ chicken, served with french fries and coleslaw. The chicken was extremely dry and tasteless and the barbeque sauce wasn't distinctive at all. The wing was also burnt. Then the fries were very pedestrian and also kina dry. I didn't enjoy this meal whatsoever (although Andrea's pictures from this location looked good).

The best part of this meal was the servers coming out with a cake and singing a song while Richard was in the washroom. I think we interrupted them about halfway to tell them he wasn't here and to come back in a bit. It was entertaining.

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  • too bad... I usually get decent food here... just really really really crappy and slow service
    dre @ 2010-01-11

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