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Thursday Night Formal Dinner

Posted: 01/25/10

Thursday Night Formal Dinner

Restaurant: Carnival_Valor

dre @ Carnival Valor:

To start, Mike got a Cream of Garden Fresh Broccoli and I got my Penne Sicilana.

Johnny and I shared Escargots Bourguignonne. Yes, there are snails hidden under all that sauce and cheese. I also got a garden salad to balance out the nutritional value.

Mike chose the Lemon Confit Topped Grouper Fillet as his main dish and I had the Chateaubriand with Sauce Bearnaise. Chateaubriand was the cut of meat I had at my wedding and I remembered it being tender, so I got it, trying beef again after a couple of days. Unfortunately, it was too well done for my liking again!!! And the meat was tough. :(

For dessert, I had the Amaretto Chocolate Cake (too heavy, didn't finish) and Mike had the Neapolitan cake which had vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream in the middle topped with bits of fruit.


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  • The Chateaubriand doesn't look well done, but it does look about medium rare.

    Think of the logistics of having so many ice cream cakes on board a ship!
    Nelson @ 2010-01-25

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