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Wednesday Night Dinner

Posted: 01/21/10

Wednesday Night Dinner

Restaurant: Carnival_Valor

dre @ Carnival Valor:

Soups that we got were Wild Mushroom Cream and Chicken Noodle. I think this was the first soup that I got. Actually, I forgot which one of us ordered the chicken noodle and who got the mushroom cream. I'm sure we swapped halfway through and taste them both.

I, of course, got the pasta - Penne Tossed in a Tomato Cream with Vodka. Nothing special, but I couldn't resist.

The next picture is the Chicken Tenders Marinated in Thai Sauce. These were pretty tasty.

For the mains, Mike had the Oven Roasted Tom Turkey and I had the Veal Parmigiana. I'm pretty sure I finished the whole thing. Both dishes were good.

By this day, our parents were also taking pictures of their food, so I put them here as well - Pan Fried Filet of Red Snapper and Duet of Petite Filet Mignon and Short-Rib Confit.

For dessert, I predicted Apple Pie and we got apple pie.

I think this was the best tasting meal of the entire cruise!


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