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Tuesday Night Dinner

Posted: 01/19/10

Tuesday Night Dinner

Restaurant: Carnival_Valor

dre @ Carnival Valor: I think the night before had conquered us, so there are much less dishes for this meal.

For appetizers, Mike had the French Onion Soup and I had the Smoked Chicken Quesadilla. It was one of the best quesadillas I've ever had and I totally regret not ordering another one.

Mike had the Jerked Pork Loin - slowly roasted center cut pork loin, marinated with Island spices and herbs, which was dry. I was so conquered, that I only ordered the pasta as a main dish. It was a Penne Maricos tossed with Shrimp, Calamari, and Scallops in a tomato cream sauce. Normally, I would gobble this up, but the shrimp disgusted me from eating so many night before.

Dessert was awesome, according to Mike and Johnny. They each had the Warm Fig Cake topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and claimed it was the best thing they've ever eaten. They kept asking the waiter to tell the chef to make it again every night after that.

My mom and I shared a cheesecake - it was on the low fat part of the menu haha


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