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Lido Buffet

Posted: 01/17/10

Lido Buffet

Restaurant: Carnival_Valor

dre @ Carnival Valor: Food food food!! We didn't know what to do with ourselves on board the Carnival Valor during lunch time. Throughout the week, this is what we ate in the buffet area of the cruise ship. Each day, the Lido restaurant featured a different locale's foods. I didn't get a chance to try it all, as some of the days we were not on the boat. We still got some snacks when we came back on though.

Fish and Chips, lots of Pizza, Nachos and Chili, Burger without the bun, Pasta salad and Falafel that I didn't finish, Fried Chicken, Mongolian stir-fry grill station, Chicken fingers in cheese sauce, Salads, Tacos, and Burritos.

We also ate from the deli area, but I didn't take a picture.


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