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Fortune House Breakfast

Posted: 01/11/10

Fortune House Breakfast

Restaurant: Fortune_House_Hotel Miami

dre in Miami: At the hotel we were at, the Fortune House, we managed to get complimentary breakfast for our whole party after complaining about their service. The breakfast was pretty good - came with pancakes, eggs, sausages, hash browns and various pastries.


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  • what was the complaint?.
    Kitty @ 2010-01-11
  • It's a long story. So I booked 2 suites for the 6 of us. One has 2 bedrooms (the parents) and the other has 1 bedroom (us). However, when we arrived, there was some glitch in their system and they had to put Mike and I at a totally different hotel - a 10 minute DRIVE away.

    Luckily, one of their long term renters was leaving early, so a room opened up for us.

    In the worst case, we were going to all sleep in the parents' suites (there was a sofa bed), but the hotel wouldn't refund the room because they already paid the other hotel.

    Anyway, it was annoying and we complained so they gave us all free buffet breakfast.
    dre @ 2010-01-11

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