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Mexican Miami

Posted: 01/09/10

Mexican Miami

Restaurant: Miami Rosa_Mexicano

dre in Miami: The eve before our cruise, we spent one night in Miami. We went to this Mexican restaurant called Rosa Mexicano in the financial district.

We started off with guacamole that was made right at our table. One of them was supposed to be spicy, but I couldn't taste the difference.

I had had the Budin de Pollo or Chicken Tortilla Pie. It is baked soft corn tortillas filled with pulled chicken, Chihuahua cheese and roasted Mexican peppers, served with poblano cream sauce. DELICIOUS!!!

Mike had the Mole de xico or beef enchiladas. It was two soft corn tortillas filled with shredded chipotle beef, topped with Veracruz mole made with raisins, plantains, hazelnuts, pine nuts and mulato, ancho and pasilla chiles, garnished with cream and queso fresco. I don't know what half these things are, but the dish was pretty tasty.

Our meals came with rice and beans.

My dad had the pork shank. From the one piece I tried, it was really tender and really good.

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  • This meal looks tasty and beautiful. Making the gaucamole at your table is a nice touch.
    Nelson @ 2010-01-11

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