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The Host

Posted: 12/29/09

The Host

Restaurant: Mississauga The_Host

Nelson @ The Host: I suggested we try The Host, since I've never been there. It is classier than your average Indian restaurant (in my limited experience), but it is also pricier.

To start, is the pappadams. Salty as usual, but in an interesting shape.

Kali Mirch Ka Murgh: Chicken in white cashew curry cooked with pounded black peppers and authentic spices. White cashew curry sounds interesting, but it tastes just like curry. I didn't really taste any white cashew.

Baigan Patiala: Eggplant tempered with onion seeds and fresh herbs. A common dish that can be made at home according to our Indian friend, but we ordered it anyway.

Chicken Vindaloo: A hot Goan delicacy of chicken cooked in roasted spices and gravy. This was spicy! But tasted like any other curry.

Aloo Gobhi: Potatoes and Cauliflower florets perfectly done in thick masala. A veggie dish. Don't know what are the best Indian veggie dishes.

Tandoori Murgh: A classic creation of tandoor cuisine, half chicken marinated overnight in pressed yogurt and spices. This was good. You can't go wrong with Tandoori cuisine.

We ordered garlic naan, which I enjoyed last time I was at an Indian place, but this time, it wasn't as good.

We also had a bit of basmati rice, which goes really well with Indian food.

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