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Royal Caribbean Thursday Italian Theme Dinner

Posted: 12/13/09

Royal Caribbean Thursday Italian Theme Dinner

Restaurant: Royal_Caribbean

Nelson @ Freedom of the Seas:

Anitpasi: Cured Italian ham, seasonal melon, grilled vegtables, marinated portabella mushrooms and baked caramelized garlic. Depending on what is included, I sometimes like antipasto, sometimes I don't. Usually the ones I don't are heavy on the olives and pickled vegetables, none of which are in this one, so I liked it a lot. The melon was a nice touch to go with the salty prosciutto.

Caprese Salad: Creamy, fresh mozzarella and sun-ripened tomatoes, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil; simple, yet perfect. More Italian dishes, this simple dish has become one of my favourites because of the fresh taste and simplicity of the dish. I've had better, but I still enjoyed eating it.

Scallop Risotto: Delicate sea scallops enhanced by the charred sweetness of corn, served over a creamy mascarpone risotto. Nice big pieces of scallop are welcome, but I don't remember how the risotto tasted, as I think Kitty ordered this.

Creamy Roasted Garlic Soup: Mild and fragrant; garnished with rye bread croutons. I ordered this soup because I love garlic. The garlic was pretty strong in this dish, in a nice cooked way (instead of a harsh raw way). Even though I like garlic, I wasn't crazy about a soup based on garlic alone. Maybe I'll give it another try at another establishment.

Strawberry Bisque: Perfectly chilled soup garnished with a sprig of fragrent mint. This tasted like a chilled strawberry shake/smoothie, light on the cream with crunchy bits. This stuff was so good, we went up to the buffet to get more as a drink. I think we even went to mix it with a bit of alcohol :)

Garlic Tiger Shrimp: Reminiscent of classic Shrimp Scampi; sauteed in garlic-herb butter and accompanied by seasonal vegetables. This dish was excellent and reminded me of the lobster from the previous night. The shrimp were large and very tasty (must be all that butter) and the only downside was that there are only 4 shrimp! I enjoyed soaking up the rice with every last bit of the sauce.

Chicken Marsala: Sauteed chicken scallopine nestled in Marsala mushroom sauce; served with a buttery mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. This one was ok as the chicken was pretty juicy, but it wasn't a standout dish.

Just to get a sense of how our table was ordering food, I took a picture with all our dishes out. Yes it is difficult to fit all the dishes on the table. Yes, I have no shame ordering food. At least I nice bought a bottle of wine that night.

Once again, the waiter just brought out some desserts. The first is some sort of strawberry mousse on a pastry. I remember not liking this one too much. Next is a tiramisu, which was ok, but I have had better. There are so many others I've had to compare against. Lastly, a molten chocolate cake, which isn't soft enough for my liking, but still nice and chocolaty.


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  • Hmm. The strawberry bisque doesn't sound appetizing as a soup or with the word "bisque" after it. Although I'm sure that if they served it with a cup and a straw, I wouldn't know the difference. Maybe I'll try it one day.
    dre @ 2009-12-14

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