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Royal Caribbean Lobster Dinner!!!

Posted: 12/09/09

Royal Caribbean Lobster Dinner!!!

Restaurant: Royal_Caribbean

Nelson @ Freedom of the Seas:

Creamed Wild Mushrooms in Puff Pastry: A hearty blend of wild mushrooms, cream and herbs all encased in delicate puff pastry. Nice presentation and good textures. Found out later that the pastry was also in the dinner buffet.

Double Duck Consomme: Aged port gives this rich broth a depth of flavor and is garnished with a melange of julienne vegetables. A little salty and tasted a little asian.

Citrus-cured Salmon: Thinly sliced salmon served with a refreshing dill-cucumber salad.I like salmon, but I didn't like the dill cucumber salad too much. I eat enough salmon in the mornings anyway, so it's ok.

Cream of Asparagus: Pale green and creamy, this delicious classic soup is garnished with crunchy almonds. Tasted like asparagus. I must have had asparagus pee that night.

Roasted Peach Soup: Roasting brings out the sweetness of this stone fruit; strawberries serve as a colorful garnish. I can't believe they actually roasted the peach. I couldn't really tell if it really was roasted, but it still tasted good. It tasted like a smoothie.

Fisherman's Plate: A broiled lobster tail and garlicky shrimp served with broccoli florets. Finally, lobster tail night! I was looking forward to this. Two cruises previous, I ate three of these plates! This time the waiter only brought out one :( It was still very good and the shrimp were a nice bonus.

Slow-roasted aged prime rib: Served with natural au jus, a fluffy baked potato and lightly glazed root vegetables. This was also excellent, so this meal had two of the best dishes of the week. I got a nice rare piece.

New England Bay Scallops and Ziti: Sweet bay scallops, grilled portabella mushrooms and fire-roasted red pepper pesto swirl around the pasta. Kitty tried this and I don't remember the taste. The bay scallops are tiny though.

Dessert Sampler: A trio of exquisite tastes and textures on one plate. They should do this every night! I only had to order this one dessert. The chocolate was really really sweet and I liked it, but Kitty couldn't finish hers.


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  • The mushroom in puffed pastry look good... so does the prime rib!
    dre @ 2009-12-09

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