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Royal Caribbean Wed Night Dinner - Asian Night

Posted: 12/05/09

Royal Caribbean Wed Night Dinner - Asian Night

Restaurant: Royal_Caribbean

Nelson @ Freedom of the Seas: Our gluttony continues, but with an Asian twist.

Seafood Laksa, prepared in the Malaysian-style; dainty bay scallops, prawns, napa cabbage and glass noodles simmered in a flavorful curried broth. I think Kitty ordered this as I don't really remember how this tastes and I don't see many of the ingredients listed. Maybe it was buried underneath.

Chicken and Cabbage dumplings: Dainty dumplings, steamed and served with a sweet Ponzu dipping sauce. These were also not very memorable although the description makes them out to be unique. Maybe my memory is failing me with a 6 month backlog.

Crab and Noodle Salad: Crisy red onion, spicy sambal olek and cilantro to create flavor tossed with crab meat and rice noodles. Surprisingly, the noodles were very good in this dish, almost better than the crab! The noodles had a very fresh and sharp flavour, perhaps due to the onion, cilantro and sambal olek (Indonesian chili) all of which have very strong flavours.

Guava and Banana Soup: This smoothie-like soup gets a surprise crunch with the addition of chopped lychee. I can't resist not ordering the fruit soup as it almost always like a smoothie drink. The lychee were surprisingly crunchy, whereas I'm more used to softer ones!

Somehow a salad showed up with fruit, so we ate that too.

Kitty ordered this main, a Khoombi Bhonna where "intense flavor marks this dish of dry mushroom curry served with fragrant basmati rice, pappadams and tangy raita." This dish was ok as the mushroom curry could have been better. Raita is a yogurt based sauce you see at the top. The thing on the left is not described on the menu (the pappadams are on the right).

Surf and Turf: "A Royal Caribbean signature dish; grilled shoulder filet, pan-seared garlic shrimp, wasabi mashed poatoes, crisp green beans, snow peas and a chive hollandaise. This dish was fantastique. The beef was good and pretty juicy, but since the sauce was good, I used that to dip a lot of the beef. I only realized these were wasabi flavoured mashed potatoes when I reread the menu now, so they must not have been that good. Shrimp is always good, although I can't tell from the picture that they were pan-seared. Still good though.

You can always order certain items off the menu in case nothing else interests you. Today we ordered the Catch of the Day, which was served with a spicy tamarind-curry sauce. All the curries were pretty weak, even though some of the cooks are probably Indians. This was the "Vitality" item from the menu, which "reflect a lighter, healthier fare."

Tonight, our waiter brought out all the desserts and gave it to us on the spot if we desired it. I think it "worked" because we got four of them. I couldn't take a picture a menu as he didn't give us one.

The top on is a creme brulee with lychee and strawberry, next is a strawberry mouse cake and strawberry white chocolate tart (I think). Next is the Banana Cream Pie, with "Creamy Kahlua-chocolate custard and fresh bananas in a fluffy pie crust." This one sounds really good and looks really really good, but in the end it was a disappointing. Suprisingly, I was expecting something a little heavier. Usually I prefer a lighter dessert, but this time was the exception. Lastly, was the sugar-free pinapple dessert. How does a dessert fare without sugar? Not well.


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