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Two Apple Pie Shops

Posted: 12/22/09

Two Apple Pie Shops

Restaurant: Brampton

dre: Two different cities yield 2 pie shops. In Colbourne, Ontario, there is the Big Apple. We bought a Mumble Crumble from there. The apple crumble was quite crumbly, but tasty. In Brampton, Ontario, there is the Apple Factory. I love all their pies, and I decided to get blueberry this time, my favourite!

Out of the 2 shown, I prefer the blueberry pie, but I'll have to go back and get a non-crumble blueberry pie from the Big Apple to truly compare.


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  • Interesting way to slice pie! I've always wanted to try something from the Big Apple whenever I go to Kingston...
    Nelson @ 2009-12-22
  • Oh, I cut them into quarters before I freeze them so that they're easier to take apart to reheat when they're frozen! I waited until a piece was eaten from each pie before I took the pic!
    dre @ 2009-12-22

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