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Royal Caribbean Tuesday Dinner

Posted: 12/03/09

Royal Caribbean Tuesday Dinner

Restaurant: Royal_Caribbean

Nelson @ Freedom of the Seas: This meal is a little more reasonable. To start, there was a salad at the table already. I don't know if I would have ordered this myself, but since it was already at the table, I had some.

The first appetizer is a house terine, which has "the sweetness of port wine enchancing this rich duck pate with waldorf salad as a nice complement." I just looked up waldorf salad, which is apples walnuts and celery, none of which this dish contained. The duck pate tasted a little processed, but since I'm not a big fan of pate I can't really judge well. I've gotten Kitty to try pate before and everytime she doesn't like it, but this time she wanted to try it yet again.

A great appetizer, the "meaty crab cake atop corn salsa with tequila-lime sour cream." This was quite good, maybe we should have ordered three?

I had to try the New England Clam Chowder which is "more like a rich, creamy stew than a soup; filled with chunks of vegetables, potatoes and clams." I don't really remember the taste, so it must have been quite normal.

I like roasted pork loin, so I had to order this "slow-roasted double-cut pork loin steak" described as "savoury pork loin, served atop a bed of braised lentils with crisp green beans, potato gratin and onion jus." Unfortunately this was a little dry as a result of a lean cut of pork. Lentils aren't my favourite either, but the potato gratin was decent.

The other main is a Lamb T-Bone Osso Buco which is "braised with assorted vegetables in rich cabernet wine sauce and served with golden brown, roasted potatoes." Matt hyped up this dish, but I think it disappointed a little. It was a little gamey and it was very tender, but overall not spectacular.

We finished with a ivory chocolate fondue with "sweet berries in a white chocolate mousse; a crunchy biscuit is served to add a nice texture." It was tasty...I think I'm beginning to like mousses more and more.

I think Kitty and I ordered the same dishes, resulting in fewer pictures, or maybe we were just full that day from lazing around the boat.


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