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Dancing Bears

Posted: 12/16/09

Dancing Bears

Restaurant: Dancing_Bears Lake_Placid

dre: After a gruelling 9 hour hike up Big Slide Mountain, we really wanted a nice steak dinner to celebrate. Unfortunately, the steak restaurants all had crazy waiting times, and we were too hungry to wait 60-90 minutes, so we went to this pub called "Dancing Bears". We started with nachos and to me, it tasted good until I ran into squeeze cheese. Yuck, I dislike squeeze cheese on nachos. Why put it there if you're already melting real cheese?

Mike ordered a French onion soup and Jen ordered clam chowder. I had a bite of the chowder, and that small bite produced many clams. Yums.

My dish came with a salad, and I asked for honey mustard dressing.

I had the ribs, which was really filling and I couldn't finish. Mike had the burger, which was a little overdone. All in all, we were disappointed that we couldn't have our victory climb steak dinner.

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  • The soups and fries look good. And that is a lot of cheese on the nachos!
    Nelson @ 2009-12-16

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