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Kingsley Dinner

Posted: 12/06/09

Kingsley Dinner

Restaurant: Brampton Kingsley_Chinese_Restaurant

dre @ Kennedy and Clarence: This is the only Chinese banquet hall restaurant in Brampton. We go there so much (or at least we use to pre-recession) that the waiters know us. When we go to dim sum on a busy day, they will point us out to where our parents are sitting and vice versa. Sometimes, we have dinner there.

I would never know how to order proper dishes without my parents there as I have no idea what some of them are called in English and my pronunciation of them in Chinese is off.

First dish is king mushrooms with dou miu (Chinese spinach?). This is my favourite dish and I always ask to get this.

We also had a roast duck. Yum.

The next 2 are types of sweet and sour. The first one on the hot plate is beef and the one under it is honey garlic pork. I like both of those dishes.

The parents also got a deep fried fish and the lastly, a tofu dish.

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