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Royal Caribbean Monday Dinner

Posted: 11/27/09

Royal Caribbean Monday Dinner

Restaurant: Royal_Caribbean

Nelson @ Freedom of the Seas:

Escargots Bourguignonne: Tender snails, drenched in melted garlic-herb butter and baked to perfection. I've never had bad Escargots before...maybe because I always have it drenched in really can't go wrong.

Shrimp Cocktail: served chilled with spicy-sweet ROyal cocktail sauce. Kitty likes this (and the sauce).

Lobster Bisque: Rosy-colored and laced with whipped cream and Cognac, this is a classic fare. Another Bisque, another too salty soup. But I can't resist anything with the word "lobster"

Chilled Golden Pear Soup: Delicately sweet, this chilled soup serves as a canvas for the dark red of the dried cranberry garnish. This description sounded like is was directly lifted from Iron Chef. This tasted like baby food...not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

Roasted Duck: A black currant sauce and sweet red cabbage complement the richness of the duck, while golden brown potato croquettes add texture. I still can't believe they served a half duck portion. This was much, much large than I was expecting, because I was thinking it would come in filets. This was quite satisfying eating half a duck and it tasted good too. The potoato croqueettes and red cabbage, not so much.

Golden Sea Bass: Pan-seared and served on a mound of creamy black olive polenta, and accompanied by Spanish sofrito and fried capers. Kitty tried this dish, and I only had a little bit. The presentation was nice.

Filet of Beef: PIquant green peppercorn sauce is the perfect partner to this tender cut of beef; served with a mound of creamy whipped potatoes and meaty, sauteed crimini mushrooms. Can't complain, as it was pretty tasty. Could have been more rare though.

I forgot what the first dessert is, maybe a souffle of some sort?

Every night you can order ice cream if the other desserts don't interest you. We tried it this night, and it came with a cracker!

Cherry Jubilee. Kitty hates these cherries, so I ate this dessert. It was sweet and enjoyable.


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  • Dessert looks souflé-ish! Wow, you weren't kidding about ordering multiple entrées. I felt bad with all the food wastage when I did that. When I ordered 2 entrées, I always make sure I share with someone.
    dre @ 2009-11-27
  • There is very little wastage, just a little bit of potato for some of the main entrees. We almost always ordered the one that is low on carbs (in this picture the fish), which makes one of the entrees pretty light.
    Nelson @ 2009-11-27

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