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Breakfast and BBQ lunch in Bahamas

Posted: 11/25/09

Breakfast and BBQ lunch in Bahamas

Restaurant: Bahamas

Nelson @ Cococay Bahamas: I started the day with a buffet breakfast that included a lot of smoked salmon. It's a little salty to eat on its own though, so I couldn't eat too much. It was a breakfast heavy on the meats.

We spent the day on a private beach in the Bahamas. They prepared a BBQ lunch on site that we gorged on. I usually eat a tiny lunch to save up for dinner, but on this day I ate a large lunch. They had chicken, burgers, pork and salads. It was very pleasant eating a BBQ meal on the beach. We bought a bucket of Coronas too, which made it even nicer.

(Too bad the volleyball courts were literally dangerous and unplayable)


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  • The excursion included breakfast and lunch? Or breakfast was on the boat? Where in Bahamas were you guys? I'm so interested now that I've been on a cruise haha. It's so I can plan the next one lol
    dre @ 2009-11-25
  • No, we ate breakfast while the ship was docking in the Bahamas port, so technically it was in the Bahamas. Not sure where it is in the Bahamas (I think it's a private island), as this area was owned by the Cruise ship company. There were no other places to go.
    Nelson @ 2009-11-25

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