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Royal Meat Onion Rings, Burger, Shish Kebabs

Posted: 11/13/09

Royal Meat Onion Rings, Burger, Shish Kebabs

Restaurant: Royal_Meat_BBQ Toronto

Nelson @ Royal Meat BBQ: We went to this Serbian fast food joint again because it's close to Kitty's work and it's good. Kitty got the Shish Kebabs, which is like a kebab on a burger bun. The meat was a little tough to chew, so it was difficult to eat as a burger. She of course got a lot of Kajmak and salsa. We also got the gourmet onion rings, which were heavily breaded and quite good (if you like breading). The five dollars for the onion rings and drink is a little pricey though.

I got the regular 1/2 pound burger made from veal and pork. It's unique and different from a regular burger in that it is fattier and juicier with a different taste. I had the Kajmak on the side, but I put an onion ring on my burger to make it extra tasty!

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  • How does the orangey sauce taste? Is it spicy?
    dre @ 2009-11-13
  • it's roasted red it's not spicy, it gives the burger a lot of flavor
    Kitty @ 2009-11-14

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