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Behind the Scenes of my Engagement Party

Posted: 11/09/09

Behind the Scenes of my Engagement Party

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Loretta's: This is a behind the scenes look at the preparation for our engagement party. Unfortunately I was too busy during the party to get good shots of the food, which I deeply regret. But I least I got these.

The first one shows the prepared from scratch buns by Rosita for the sliders. There were so many! And the buns tasted great! There are also the fruit tart bases in this picture.

The picture of the table shows the "cold" ingredients that haven't been prepared yet. So much work to get this going!

The next picture shows the preparation for the sweet toffee pudding. This was my favourite dessert and I think a little under appreciated because the sexy presentation of the white chocolate mousse. When the pudding was heated up and the caramel/walnut sauce smothered the pudding and the homemade vanilla added on top, it made for a perfect combination. This dessert tasted sooo good.

The next two pictures are the prep and finished product of the white chocolate mousse. The presentation was really amazing, with a chocolate cage enveloping the fresh strawberries on top. The mousse tasted really great too. This was difficult to make, and a lot of them turned out perfectly, but unfortunately the picture I took were a little defective. These went really quickly and we ran out by the end of the night.

The next pictures are of fruit trays, which were mostly finished by the end of the night. The deviled eggs, which are difficult to make were made by Loretta very professionally. They looked great and she seemed to have fun piping the filling.

The cheese spread cost us something like $50-$100. I think we could have saved some money here, but it was very popular and was very nearly finished by the end of the night. I unfortunately didn't get a chance to try any, and I really wanted to because it was smoked cheese. I'll have to try it next time, or work less while hosting.

I should have taken the tin foil off for this picture, but this was the samosas I picked up at Samosa King. 5 Samosas for a $1! This place is super busy and at that price, I can see why!

The fruit tarts were cute and presently nicely. They tasted good too! I couldn't help eating these and finished quite a few while manning the dessert table near the end of the night. They are so bite sized!

Lastly, it was BYOB. We couldn't afford to supply liquor as well as the food. This was the leftover drinks for us. Next time I'll have to remember to have more mixers on hand as I kept running out.

I'm sad I don't have pictures of the main courses :(

A big thank you to Loretta (house, appetizers), Mark (mains) and Rosita (desserts). You guys did an amazing job!


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  • what were the main courses
    and how many guests did you have?
    yvonne @ 2009-11-09
  • The mains!

    There were ribs too, but I don't think I got them into the picture.
    dre @ 2009-11-09
  • Mostly appetizer type foods:

    sliders, viet cold rolls, lasagna, mini tacos, satay chicken skewers, meat & veggie dumplings and ribs. Some pictures are here:

    We had over 64 guests, so we had to feed lot's of people!
    Nelson @ 2009-11-09
  • oh wow
    tons appetizers, dinners and desserts
    mostly from scratch

    that's crazy impressive

    way better than when people have these engagement party dinners at restaurants and everyone pays for their own dinner and has to get a gift for the couple.
    yvonne @ 2009-11-09
  • you shouldn't be bartending at your own engagement party... you could've tried that smoked cheese.. =P my bad, i should've taken the bartending job over..
    Tea @ 2009-11-09

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