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Real Desserts

Posted: 12/02/09

Real Desserts

Restaurant: Demetres Futures_Bakery Toronto Vaughan

dre @ Weston and Hwy 7/Bloor and Brunswick: On two separate occasions, I went out for cakes! The first picture shows a Irish Cream Cheesecake from Demetre's. I didn't expect that much cream, so while the cheesecake part was good, I wasn't a big fan of the cream on top. The selection at Demetre's is awesome, but I find that their prices are quite expensive.

Caffe Demetre on Urbanspoon

The second picture is from Futures Bakery. I had the apple taffy cheesecake, because I like cheesecake and I knew Mike would like the apple part. It was fairly good and coming there helped pass the time between wedding ceremony and banquet. I like coming here as their cakes always look so fresh and tasty.

Future Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon


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