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Thai Bistro

Posted: 11/22/09

Thai Bistro

Restaurant: Thai_Bistro Toronto

dre @ Yonge and McKee: I've wanted to come here for a while, and after peeking in and seeing how tiny the restaurant was, it made me want to come even more!

We were served free shrimp chips with peanut sauce as an appetizer and ate them while we waited for our meal. We ordered red curry chicken and green curry beef. The dishes took awhile to come out, but there is only 1 cook and the kitchen is located right in the restaurant, so you can see all that is going on. These dishes came out piping hot and were delicious! The owner and his wife (I presume) are Thai, so I think the food is pretty authentic.

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  • I just went to this place last week and it was delicious! My friend order green curry and I ordered pad thai. Both dishes tasted sweeter than what I am use to having at other places.
    Kitty @ 2009-11-22

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