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Reety and Tarun Wedding Dinner Buffet

Posted: 11/06/09

Reety and Tarun Wedding Dinner Buffet

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Reety & Tarun Wedding: We were treated to a large buffet of Indian food. I was still hungry even after eating so much appetizers (maybe it was the dancing) so I helped myself to a large plate of everything.

I always find the Papadum too saltly, but I can't resist one piece. The 2nd picture is some sort of pickled vegetable. It is actually too sour for my taste.

Next are some vegetarian dishes, a Channa Masala (chickpea curry), and Tawa vegetable (Bhindi, baigan, arbi). I'm not used to eating Bhindi (Okra), so I don't like it too much yet. The baigan (eggplant) is always good and so was the arbi (potato I think?).

Next are some meat dishes. A Chicken lababdar and Machli Masala (fish). I had a lot of chicken and fish, but I think the appetizers both tasted better. This was still nice and spicy though.

Next are a few more veggie dishes, a Palak Mushroom and Kadhai Paneer (spicy paneer curry). I can't remember how these tasted. The palak mushroom looks unique, but unfortunately, I can't remember the taste and I can't find it on my plate!

And of course there was rice and roti.


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  • I'm impressed that you remembered which was which and how they tasted!

    I love basmati rice and naan!
    dre @ 2009-11-06
  • I took pictures of all the food nametags, so that I would be able to recall them when I posted. And I don't remember how they all tasted...
    Nelson @ 2009-11-06

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