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Reety and Tarun Wedding Appetizers (and cake)

Posted: 11/05/09

Reety and Tarun Wedding Appetizers (and cake)

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ Reety & Tarun's Wedding: If you ever attended an Indian wedding, you'll know that dinner will be served late at night. So upon arrival to the hall, there were appetizers to fill your stomach until dinner was served. I couldn't help but to stuff myself and it helped that the appetizers tasted great.

The first picture shows gulistani kebab, Achari paneer Tikka. I didn't like the kebab too much, but the paneer dish was tasty. I really really liked the Murg Mirch tikka (green chilly marinated chicken tikka) and ate a lot of chicken. The Fish Amritsari was also really good as they brought it out freshly fried. It is basically lightly battered and lightly spiced deep fried fish. Lot's of fish and chicken for me that tided me over until dinner.

Later that night they had a pink Wedding cake. I don't remember trying this though, so I can't comment on the taste.


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