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Guys Night Out

Posted: 09/16/14

Guys Night Out

Restaurant: none

This is a guest post by Mike from one of his Guys Night Out nights.

"A good friend was in town for a couple weeks, so the guys from university got together for a night out. As most of us have families and small children, the option of a late evening is no longer the case, so this time, we enjoyed dinner at J's place downtown. M, the friend that was in town, wanted to cook dinner for all of us, with us chipping in for the cost. A delicious meaty meal with beer? I'm in!

M got a 10lb dry aged rib roast from Cumbrae's, a butcher located downtown Toronto, with another location at Bayview and Eglinton. This hunk of meat was roasted for about 4 hours and M skillfully cut around the bone. The carving job alone was impressive.

For sides, there were brussels sprouts seasoned with salt and pepper and baked with hickory bacon.

He also made a mac and cheese. The sauce is a flaunt made with 2 yr aged white cheddar, parmesan and cream along with the usual salt pepper seasoning.

It tasted as though we were at a restaurant, except we were sitting on a couch which made it even more comfy. The effort and dedication put into the meal was appreciated so much that we wanted M to cook us another meal at a future event. The meal was so filling that it was difficult to stay awake without moving around."


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