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My first time making

Posted: 07/04/15

My first time making "dishes"

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dre: Chinese cuisine is usually a bunch of different dishes of meats and veggies. My dinners are very un-like Chinese. Most of the time everything I want to cook that night ends up in a stir-fry, with the sauce changing each day.

One night, I decided to make a bunch of dishes, and have rice on the side. I fried some asparagus (my first time), as I wasn't sure what other way to cook them. Then I fried some chicken and onions with barbecue sauce. My last dish was egg tofu, which is the only tofu i like.

I don't know how people consistently cook many dishes on the same night for dinner, because it took awhile and there were a lot of dishes to clean. I suppose that's why we always had some sort of steamed dish that my dad or mom would put in the rice cooker while it cooked...


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