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Posted: 12/09/16


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Nelson: @eatfeedlove does monthly crafted baskets of food goodies. I got it as a present from my sister and was presently surprised when it arrived (after a mailing address snafu that was our fault, but kindly remedied by EatFeedLove).
Buying their products also goes towards feeding those that are in need. What a great concept!
The baskets comes not only with food but also recipe cards!
This is the contents of the December package. In the middle are a selection of flavoured olive oils and vinegars. The middle is cranberry pear white balsamic vinegar, which is absolutely delicious and goes great on a salad. To the right is a Vermont maple dark balsamic vinegar. It's pleasantly sweet and thick and tastes luxurious. On the left is Tuscan Herb infused olive oil, which goes great with pretty much anything. The yellow package is chocolate. Next is a honey & balsamic dijon mustard which I haven't opened yet, because I still have 3 or 4 mustards kicking around in my fridge. Rightmost is a cranberry sauce that we forgot to open this year, hope it's still good!. Lastly is a salted butter caramel cream that goes great on ice cream! Rounding it out is a tea bag and the recipes.

Love the concept, although I think they have stopped doing it now. They are still running their Eat.Feed.Love web site and selling their products Check them out!



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