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Posted: 08/20/14


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dre: I was offered samples from @DeeBeesOrganics to check out their TeaPops! TeaPops are tea-based popsicles that are certified organic, kosher, Non-GMO, peanut and nut free, as well as naturally gluten-free and vegan. Each TeaPop has the same benefits as a cup of organic tea and a bowl of super fruits with very few calories!

They shipped all the way to me from Victoria, BC, and I was surprised they did not melt! Dry ice does amazing things :)

There were 5 boxes of different flavours. Three of the flavours used non-caffeinated Rooibos tea and the other two had caffeine in them.

The first one I tried was Tropical Mango. At first, the TeaPop seemed bitter, probably from the tea flavour. The mango flavour was subtle, and not too sweet. The taste grew on me and it was refreshing on a hot summer's day.

The next flavour I tried was Minty Mint. At first lick, the mint taste was subtle, but when I bit into it, it was very bitter. I did not like this one at all, and I could not finish this.

The Toasted Coconut Teapop was the next one I tried. The coconut taste was again, very subtle, but tasty. There was no "bitter" tea taste. This one was my favourite!

The next one was Berries N' Cherries. Just like the others, it had a bitter taste at first, but this one was pretty refreshing as well and I liked it.

The last flavour was Southern Iced Tea. It tasted exactly like iced tea! It wasn't one of my favourites though, as I liked the fruity flavours more.

If you are looking for a sweet and fruity popsicle, these will NOT satisfy your popsicle cravings! However, my mistake was expecting the sweet taste to dominate the flavour, but it is actually the tea taste that dominates. These are very refreshing and a guilt-free summer treat! :)

My favourite was the Toasted Coconut, and coming in second is the Berries N' Cherries. It is a neat product, so definitely check it out if you see it at your local grocery store.


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