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Royal Meats BBQ

Posted: 07/05/15

Royal Meats BBQ

Restaurant: Royal_Meats_BBQ Toronto

Nelson @RoyalMeats: A unique European style "burger" joint that makes you feel like you are at the butcher. You can see how fresh the meat is as you select it from the appetizing display and watch as they cook it on the spot. These are the chevaps ($8.95 for small) burger which I don't think I've ever seen anywhere else. The pork and veal meat make for a taste that is different from every other burger joint and is a refreshing change a pace. The other unique part is the cheese that is a peppery kaymak. All of this served on a Lepinya bun. The only downside is that this breaks apart quite readily making it difficult to eat. Otherwise it's delicious.
Kitty had the royal burger ($8.95 small), which is also ground pork and veal. The meat tastes different from ground beef as it's lighter with some more spices than usual. Not sure how she got what appears to be crumbled bacon as one of the toppings, but good for her. Maybe this one is easier to eat as it'll stay together more easily.

I wonder if this place will become more popular now that they have a downtown location. I hope they do well as they bring something unique to the fast food table.

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