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Not on the menu at Macey's

Posted: 03/26/15

Not on the menu at Macey's

Restaurant: Maceys Mississauga

dre: We hardly go to Macey's anymore as it is hard to have two screaming kids not understand the meaning of rush hour and why the car doesn't move when we go out for dinner. There are rare occasions that we do make it down for dinner so we make sure we order items that we can't normally get for take out.

One of these items is a clay pot rice with steamed meat. This is not on the menu, but you can order this, especially during the cold winter months. I love digging the crunchy rice at the bottom of the pot. The rice is super oily, so it's not the healthiest, but it is so yummy! I don't have a preference on the meat topping... I like them all!

I believe on this occasion we came down during the Chinese New Year period, so we ordered a lot of food. Or we just miss eating it fresh and went a little overboard. :)

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