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The Keg's Kid's Meal

Posted: 03/03/15

The Keg's Kid's Meal

Restaurant: Brampton The_Keg

dre @TheKeg: As you can see, we love going to The Keg for special occasions like birthdays. Now that Kristen is at an age where she eats more than the extras off my plate, we usually get her a kid's meal. I wasn't too impressed with last time's chicken fingers, so I decided to get the grilled chicken instead.

Like all kid's meals, they come with a fruit and veggie plate to start. As usual, Kristen ate all the fruit and crackers and left the celery. I traded her cucumbers from my salad for her celery.

The grilled chicken was disappointingly dry. I should have known. I have tried their adult chicken dishes before and was not impressed. We will have to try something else next time! At least she ate all her fries...


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