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Pierre Hermé Macaron

Posted: 09/03/15

Pierre Hermé Macaron

Restaurant: France Paris Pierre_Herme

Nels: In the basement of Galeries Lafayette is a department store floor full of just shoes. I think they were woman's shoes, so basically it was my personal nightmare. Luckily there was an oasis consisting of a storefront for Pierre Hermé serving baked goods and most prominently displayed were macarons. This is a famous brand known for their flavourful macarons and I honed in on one in particular. It was the last one of its type remaining and the psychologist would tell you that scarce resource becomes more coveted. It sure worked on me. This flavour is a passion fruit and chocolate macaron (2.1€) and it tasted so so so good. There was a powerful passion fruit flavour. There was cream on the inside and the cookie part of it was softer than most. It was excellent and just based on this one, I would say better than Ladurée


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