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My Sweet Tooth

Posted: 03/05/15

My Sweet Tooth

Restaurant: Tim_Hortons

dre: Ever since the discovery of McDonald's coffee and muffin deal, I haven't been to Tim Hortons in a long time. I had an opportunity to eat some Tim Horton's muffins. They have changed a lot! First, the packaging is quite attractive. Second, the muffins themselves look so delicious.

Only a few people ate the muffins, so I actually got to take home half a dozen, so I tried all the flavours during the week. Correction: I tried 4 out of the 6. Kristen ate the whole blueberry muffin herself. While blueberry used to be my favourite muffin, it is no longer with the discovery of McDonald's fruit and fibre muffin. Mike had the fruit explosion muffin. I tried the other 4. The red velvet muffin was really delicious, though a little too sweet with the icing. The carrot cake muffin (the one topped with cream cheese icing) was not bad, and I enjoyed it, even though I don't like carrot cake itself. The chocolate chip one was yummy. The one in the top left corner had pecans in it and it was pretty good as well.

I would definitely get Tim Horton's muffins again... It was a really enjoyable week for me to eat a muffin a day :)


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